Pawilon handlowy


Pawilon handlowyProduced by our beverage containers, commercial pavilions are made from the highest quality materials. The robust design of the pavilion is made of carefully connected hollow sections. When designing the structure are taken into account the type and size of equipment you want to include in the. This allows for installation of heavy construction equipment is properly reinforced. Cover a 1 mm thick aluminum sheets, painted white as standard. Beverage containers are finished inside in full plate steel polished h-17, which also enhances the aesthetic ease of cleaning. They have insulated floor styrodur 100mm thick, lined with waterproof plywood, covered with industrial carpet and slip.

Standard equipment
  • 230V electrical system with an array of counters
  • three double sockets 230
  • light spots
  • front flap
Additional equipment*
  • forceful installation of 400V
  • additional electrical sockets
  • additional sales window
  • coating in any RAL color
  • illuminated advertising panels external and internal
  • many other items according to customer needs

* As a manufacturer, we are able to design a container, taking into account your individual needs. The size, materials used in the production and finishing exterior and interior are just some of the elements, the performance of which have an impact.

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Pawilon gastronomiczny

We fully equip with furniture containers whose dimensions and design is adapted to all devices that will be inside the container. The color and design of furniture, all the equipment and accessories a matched with taking into account the individual needs of each client. The products we sell are made from the highest quality materials, they meet all the requirements of the European Union on trade in foods.

The interior of the pavilion includes, among others:
  • sanitary section
  • furniture
  • renowned catering equipment
  • hood
  • air conditioner
  • low and high glass
  • sound system
  • TV, DVD
  • monitoring

We are the only official representative of the renowned German company Neumarker on Polish territory. Please, visit us for seeing the full range of catering equipment from Neumärker.

We offer catering equipment all major manufacturers, including: Producent urządzeń gastronomicznych

Urządzenia gastronomiczne
Wyposażenie gastronomiczne Mała gastronomia Pawilon gastronomiczny Wyposażenie lokalu gastronomicznego Urządzenia gastronomiczne Rolety antywłamaniowe Higiena - kącik sanitarny Wyposażenie lokalu gastronomicznego


As the only company in Poland, we offer our clients modular trade pavilions. Our system allows you to set any number of pavilions, which will become a large professional kitchen, restaurant, bar or shop. Modules can with removed from the pavilion and set it as a stand-alone outlets with little effort. The whole process of linking and separation of modules is simple and fast.

The rear wall of the container (A) has a transition to the container (B) to allow free movement between them. After hanging containers are mounted on the filling. On the front wall of the container (B) and assemble parts filler flap.


Pawilon handlowy

Containers are equipped with high strength wheel maneuverability with cast polyurethane tread, with specially hardened bearing raceway. They allow precise maneuvering pavilions during the connection process. In addition, they give a large extent facilitate the location of the pavilion in places such as shopping centers, where vans can not drive in.

We are the only company in Europe producing commercial modular pavilions that do not require using of cranes or forklifts to set or change the location of the pavilion for a short distance.


Pawilon handlowy

The construction allows easy loading pavilions on any means of transport. In this way it is possible to transport by road for truck, trailer car or by sea.

Transport costs depend on the size of the pavilions and destination of the consignment. We assist our clients in search of the best deals on the transport of goods purchased from us.

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