Pawilon handlowy
Producent pawilonów handlowych

Buying in BM GROUPS you can be sure you have received the highest quality product that you will use for many years. Our clients receive from us a comprehensive help associated with the preparation of an individual project of any product. In addition, experts from the sales department will help you choose the right equipment and accessories to be mounted on a trailer or in a catering pavilion.




From the very beginning of the production we use only the highest quality materials, parts and components. This allows our customers to ensure that products purchased from us will be used for many years without worrying about their condition.


Deadline for completion of the order is our priority. We make every effort to ensure that the customer receives the product on time. This allows our customers to confidently plan their investment and start-up time.


Our experts provide assistance in choosing the product that is most suitable for your business. We also assist in the selection of facilities, equipment and accessories.

Under the name BODEX COMPANY exist since 1982. In 2011, as part of business expansion changed the name to the BM GROUPS. For over 30 years we have gained vast experience and extensive contacts abroad, which allows us to provide services to highest level. Produced by our trailers, commercial vehicles and catering equipment are made in accordance with the directives of the European Union (TUV, CE), as well as with the applicable standards of the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.


Beverage containers and catering trailers have all the necessary certificates and certificates allowing them to trade in food. In our offer you will find the highest quality commercial trailers, catering trailers, special bodies, commercial vehicles, commercial trucks, catering trucks. As the only company in Poland that specialize in the production of a comprehensive catering trailers and equipment in the catering equipment and furniture. Actively take part in international exhibitions, where we present the trailer and vehicles are very popular. In addition, the exhibition is an excellent opportunity for us to keep track of the latest trends from the world of mobile commerce.